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What voltage is used at Kulu Bay Resort?
Kulu Bay Resort is solar powered to provide the peaceful tranquility of the Ultimate Escape. Solar energy is constantly stored and regenerated so there is no interrupion of power. All outlets at the resort are USA standard 110 voltage and we encourge guests to bring converters as necessary.
What amenities are provided inside the bure?
Award-winning Pure Fiji products are provided in each bure, including shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and body lotion.
Are bath towels provided?
Yes, bath towels are provided in the bure daily.
Are beach towels provided?
Yes, beach towels are provided daily.
Are hair dryers provided?
Yes, hair dryers are available. Please contact Bure Assistant during your stay if hair dryer is needed.
What is the dress code at Kulu Bay Resort
There is no formal dress code at Kulu Bay Resort. However, if a Village Visit is planned, men should not wear hats and ladies should wear a sulu or skirt that falls below the knee. A sulu can be borrowed upon request.
Is internet available at Kulu Bay Resort?
There is no internet at Kulu Bay Resort, but there is a satellite phone that may be used for a fee to make a phone call if needed.
Is there a telephone at Kulu Bay Resort?
Yes, a satellite phone is available for use by guests for a fee.
Should activities be arranged prior to arrival?
Activities do not need to be arranged prior to arrival, as they can be arranged during guests stay.

The only special activity that needs to be arranged prior to arrival, is the Shark Dive as reservations need to be made.
Do you offer the cageless shark dive?
Yes, many guests come to visit Beqa to experience the shark dive. The shark dive is cageless and guests will experience 8 species of shark and nearly 300 species of fish on 1 dive.

The Shark Dive needs to be arranged prior to guests arrival, so please contact the Booking Office to make a reservation.

Is snorkeling equipment provided?
Masks and fins are complimentary, but not all sizes are available. We ask that guests bring their own equipment to ensure they have the correct fit.
What cultural activities are provided?
Cultural activies are complimentary and provided daily. If there is a specific cultural activity you would like to partake in, please speak with the staff during your stay.

Cultural activities, include:

Mat weaving
Story of the coconut
Sulu tying demonstration
Let's speak Fijian
History of Beqa
Meke dancing
Discover Fijian herbs and medicine
Where are the meals served?
Meals are served in the Main Bure and will be posted the night before. We welcome alternative requests and ask that guests notify the staff. In case of any special dietary needs, please notify the Booking Office prior to arrival so arrangements can be made.

Room service is available at no extra charge for breakfast and lunch if guests wish to eat inside their bure or on their private deck. Please notify the staff upon arrival.
What is the weather like in Fiji?
Fiji really is considered a year-round destination as there are two seasons: warm and even warmer.

Tropical rains can happen any time of the year but generally more rain falls in January and February.

Fiji's winter season is May to October and has a nice cool trade wind keeping the temperatures pleasant. Temperatures range between 23-26 Celsius (75-80 Fahrenheit).

Summer season is November to April, which brings hotter and more humid temperates that range between 26-29 Celsius (80-85 Fahrenheit).

Please do keep in mind that Fij is a tropical destination, so the weather can be unpredictable.
Is laundry services available?
Yes, laundry is available for guests for a fee, please ask Bure Assistant.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in: 12:00PM
Check-out: 9:00AM
I have a late departing flight, what are my options since check-out is at 9:00AM?
That is not a problem, as there are a couple options for late departing flights.

Options include:

1. Take a Suva Day Trip - visit Suva, the capital of Fiji, on the main island of Viti Levu. Visit the Fiji Museum, Parliament Building, Vegetable Market, Flea Market and more. Fee applies.

2. Our private driver will be happy to drop guests off at Raffles or Tanoa hotel in Nadi, which is about 5 minutes from Nadi International Aiport. Each hotel allows our guests to use their facilities, such as the pool, restaurants, bars, etc. Both hotels offer free shuttle services to Nadi International Airport.

Each of the above can be arrange during guests stay at Kulu Bay Resort and does not need to be arranged prior to arrival.
What time are boat transfers between Pacific Harbour to Kulu Bay Resort?
There is not a set boat transfer time, as transfer times are set around our guests schedule. Please do note that boat transfers can't operate during night hours so it is best to verify flight times with the Booking Office prior to purchasing.

Arriving flights need to arrive anytime prior to 2:00PM
Departing flights need to depart anytime after 3:00PM

The above times will allow for enough time for the land and sea transfers.

Please note that check-out from Kulu Bay Resort is at 9:00AM.
Is there a bar at Kulu Bay Resort?
Yes, the Bula Bar is located in the Main Bure. Happy Hour is daily from 5:00PM - 7:00PM.
Is drinking water provided?
Bottled Fiji water is furnished daily in each room. There is a nominal fee for additional bottles.
What form of payment is accepted?
Cash is not accepted at Kulu Bay Resort. Each day, guests will sign for any charges and the total bill will be reconciled upon checkout by Visa or MasterCard. Guests may wish to have some Fijian currency to purchase small souvenirs in the local villages and on the mainland. There is an ATM at Nadi Aiport adjacent to the Customs area. Currency exchange is not available at Kulu Bay Resort.
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